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In this article, we are going to talk about an amazing game that can make you feel stunned. We will specially talk about the history and achievements of this game and also talk about the ways to start the game. So let us know about the amazing game called Minecraft. 


What is Minecraft –


Minecraft is a fictional game that can give you a realistic view of the real world. This game is loved by the people of many countries, it is not only confined to one country. In this, you can play in both ways that are in single mode and multiplayer mode. 


smp mode – 


Survival Multiplayer mode is more famous in this game because it provides access to many, it makes the game more interesting than earlier. As of now, you are having more players to fight and compete with. Thus this feature of this game is considered the main feature for fan following, not many games have this quality. You should know how to play Minecraft multiplayer for achieving rewards in it. 


They have different kinds of modes, for example, survival mode, and creative mode. Let me explain this mode in short. 


The first one is survival mode, in this survival mode, players are born in a new exciting world where they are required to mine their reserves, create their own houses, and have to beat the monsters to save their resources. 


The other is the creative mode, this mode gives players an endless allowance of resources to create anything. They are free to create anything they wish or imagine, can houses, buildings, towns, and more.  You can create dramatic paintings of all silhouettes and quantities, banking on your intuition.


The other one is adventure mode which allows performers to play custom diagrams created by other performers and explore different spots in the tournament. 


History of Minecraft in detail – 


This amazing 3D game was developed in the programming language called JAVA. It was the first edition launched on May 17, 2009.


This version was not an improved one, it was simple and basic, nothing more than a joining block. In the months that followed, Notch compiled feedback from his counterparts, which he incorporated into his preliminary edition to enhance the game, establishing the Indev versions. 


On June 30, 2010, he broadcasted an important updated version of the game, which is known as the Classic version. This contains maps and road designs. Because of the improved version the game started getting famous. People started sharing their experiences. This motivated my head to focus on the game completely. 


Once he started getting money out of it he collected people to work for him so that he could make some amazing outcomes. They keep on adding objects and creatures to it, they do so to attract the attention of players. They made many modes to it so that it can become popular. 


About the servers –


This contains many kinds of servers like challenge servers, economy servers, and many more. This helps people a lot to select what they want to focus on. 

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