Merits of using a free pdf converter online

The free pdf converter tools are currently in trend and used by many people to convert their files. The tools are available online and mostly free for all people.

They also offer their desktop application for PCs for the users who want to use that version. Although, they themselves claim to use their free pdf converter online tool instead of installing the application. There are a few merits in using the free pdf converter, they are:

  • All in one solution:

One of the best merits of using the free pdf converteris that it is an all-in-one solution. Unlike its name, which has a converter in it, the tool can perform all the tasks that involve editing and customization ofthe pdfs.

One can edit the information in the converter itself and then just click on save. If one just wants to edit the information, doesn’t want to change the format that is available too.

One can even merge and split the pdf files, add images and edit the rows with tables.

  • They have paid and free versions:

A free pdf converter online tool also has a paid version available. Many tools need to pay some amount to access the advanced services.

Although for most people, the free version is sufficient, if one really wants it to take it to the next level, then one can get the paid version.

The paid version includes high-quality services with clarity and aided support.

  • The documents are encrypted:

When one uses a free pdf converter online tool, they are concerned about the security of their pdf files, especially when they contain confidential information.

But with most of the free pdf converter tools, one doesn’t need to worry about security, as when one uploads a file for some process, the information that it contains gets encrypted. Therefore even if one manages to get the information, all they will see is gibberish because of the encryption. To decrypt is one that requires the key, or else it will stay encrypted.

  • The servers are secured:

Another thing that the users have a concern about is: if the tools save their files over their servers, as it can be considered as fraud. Yes, they do but only for one hour, and then delete them.

They save it for one hour because sometimes people take that long to download a file back into their system.

  • One’s device doesn’t matter:

A great merit of using the free pdf converter online tool is that they don’t require any device specifications. Since the tool is over the internet, they use their own servers and processors. Therefore it doesn’t matter which device the users are converting their pdf files to.

  • Easy to use:

The last merit about the free pdf converter tool and maybe the reason why they are popular is that they are simple to use.

They are so simple that millions of people use them without any problems with all the age groups included.